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Cell Phone Spy Software

Whether you are looking to monitor your teens cell phone or track employees mobile usage, there are a whole range of software based solutions to cover any specific needs of any cell phone user.

you can find Cell Phone Spy Software build for apples iPhones, Microsoft windows mobile, nokia, blackberry, and all new smart phone on the market today like the Android cell phones.

Among the most popular spy phone programs you can find Mobile Spy Monitoring Software with the included capability of GPS tracking and silently recording every SMS message send from the monitored cell phone, Flexispy, StealthGenie and Spyera with the ability of remote spyphone software, Sim change notification and remote control over the cell phone functionality.

Cell Phone Spy Devices

Cell phone spy devices come in various types and connections. the most popular ones are USB drives or USB sticks sim card readers connected to your laptop or desktop.
others are using cords that are connected to the phone you want to spy on.

With cell phone spy devices you can see emails, deleted text, pictures and send and received sms messages. with some devices you can also see phone lists, passwords and call locations.

Unlike Cell Phone Spy Software - mobile spy devices can show usage of the cell phone before it was connected to your computer. also with cell phone spy devices you can not monitor the target phone in a "real time" action like you would be able to achieve with cell phone monitoring software.

Cell Phone Security Software

Cell phone security software is critical for mobile users dealing with sensitive information either at work or private information regarding family and friends.

When in need to choose which mobile security solution is right for you first you need to establish what is the level of security and phone call protection you are after.
then you'll need to find out which software you're mobile is able to support.

A good mobile security software must include anti-virus firewall and anti-spam features.
The newer versions of secure mobile programs on the market today will also include frequent software updates and real-time cell phone protection from malware.

Parental Control Software

With mobile parental control software you can control your child cell phone usage.

Features like time restriction for mobile calls, blocking types of or specific websites.

Some parental control programs will let you the parent a complete monitoring features like call history usage including the phone number and time of calls.

an advanced call monitoring software will also include text log of all incoming and out going sms and text messages, files send and received, downloaded videos and photos and all recent contact lists.

Digital Cell Phone Recorders

Most types of digital phone recorders can record phone calls conversation either from a cell phone or a land line phone device. very few types of digital recorders are capable of recording from both mobile and land line telephone device.
The variety of digital recorders available insures that at least one will be compatible with mobile phone you are carrying, either iPhone Android blackberry nokia or Microsoft Windows based cell phone.

Unlike cassette phone recorders digital mobile recorders use internal memory chip or external memory stick. which gives the user a superior accessibility for recording, searching and deleting the recorded messages.

The new digital cell phone recorders on the market today will include a large internal or external memory storage, extended battery life and superior recording quality.

GPS Cell Phone Tracking Systems

Almost all new mobile phones on the market today have built in GPS receiver system. this GPS receiver system enables the cell phone user to find information about its current location which in turn could be presented on a map for instance.

in case a person not carrying the cell phone wants to monitor the location of person who is carrying the mobile, a GPS receiver installed within the cell phone would not be much of an help by itself. for this task the monitoring party can use two deferent methods.

The first method and less accurate one of cell phone monitoring is to use the information stored with the cell phone service provider for communicating with the users phone and that is the location of the cell towers, in most cases but not in all, the location of the tower which was last in communication with the cell phone is used to determined the rough location of the mobile user.
unfortunately this method of using the cell phone provider information is not accurate, at times not available and in case it is available relatively expensive.

The second method of mobile monitoring is the use of the GPS receiver build inside a cell phone.
GPS mobile trackers read the signals transmitted from satellites. this information is relayed back through usual cell phone communication for "mapping" the exact location of the tracked cell phone.

Most of times the GPS mobile monitoring is real-time tracking which gives you the user true and accurate tracking information.

Remote Landline Cordless Spy Phone

The Landline Spy Phone is one product from a line of most advanced and sophisticated phone calls monitoring devices on the market today. It was specifically designed to remotely listen to and optionally record all phone calls made from the phone line it is connected to.

The Landline Spy Phone is full feature telephone monitoring system disguised like an ordinary corded or cordless phone with Speaker-phone.
This device looks and works like a regular landline phone with Speaker-phone, found in almost every household, expect it was modified to intercept and transmit the conversation of both sides of the phone line to a remote receiver.

How To Monitor Landline Phone Remotely?

Using the modified radio scanner (receiver) you can monitor / listen to the phone conversation from a distance in a "life" manner while the phone call is in progress.
Using the radio scanner plus the digital recorder you can remotely monitor and auto record the phone conversation for future analyzes or documentation.

Also available video tutorials covering all aspects of using the digital voice recorder, downloading editing deleting and modifying files using the included voice editor software, WAV to MP3 file format transfer, burn recorded messages on a CD and more.

Using the Digital Phone Recorder will enable you to automatically or manually, record the received transmitted signal from the radio scanner.